Message From

Madan Babu Dawadi (Campus Chief)

Dear students,
Welcome to SS college, your right choice to reach your destination & achieve the goal of your life. Change has become the paradigm today. The career paths are increasingly nonlinear & is demanding knowledge of interdisciplinary. SS college is highly committed to enable the students to adapt themselves with the dynamic environment. SS college family believes in the combined effort of the students, teaching staffs, administration, guardians and society. A team of highly skilled professionals are providing quality education & transferring knowledge to those with the determination to learn, advance their career & stand out with high degree of the proficiency in their field. Finally I am hopeful that SS college will receive similar cooperation & support from
all in our honest effort for providing a package of total quality education.
Thank you.

Gyanendra Dawadi (Co-oridinator)

Dear students,
I am pleased to extend my gratitude to you for joining in our college for further study, this college is setup due to up most effort of our enthusiastic group of academicians committed to provide enormous educational opportunities. SS college has been establishing its name as the leading educational institutions throughout the nation. We assure, we will try our best to produce managed professionals. We have provision of certain scholarship plan and policies for needy & deserving students. I am confident you will be pleased with the overall quality of facility & teaching/learning process so that students can find SS college, as one of the best learning centers with our noble attempt & perseverance